Jazmin Giron
The Birds 2 of 4

In my painting I used various materials ranging from acrylic paints, metal, magnets, and wire. Each magnet is attached to a group of birds, by wire, which can be moved anywhere on the canvas. This is made possible stapling a sheet of metal to the wood backing, before strecthing the canvas on top.

Artistic Statement

My painting examines Maya Ying Lin message "To fly, we have to have resistance." This is my response, I purposely made the "Birds” able to detach and reattach anywhere on the canvas, and off (as long as it's metal). The birds can fly, yet they are restricted at the same time. My goal is for the viewer, seeing my painting, become “birds” themselves, realizing they can "fly" too but also realizing the "resistance" that makes flying fruitful. At the same time, the viewer is free to rearrange my work but also restricted to placing the birds on metal objects found anywhere in the same room. I’m also interested in seeing the viewers’ response and how they rearrange my painting.

Here is an one of the many ways to display and view the painting.
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