Jazmin Giron
Martin Luther King Window Mural 3 of 6
Artist Statement

My mural is a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King honoring his contributions to the world. The top panel showcases a portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King who transitions into water continued in the second panel. In my mural, water is portrayed as being my symbol for justice and within the second panel I have also included the dove next to mother earth symbolizing world peace. The dove is a reference to Dr. Martin Luther King’s Noble Peace Prize that he received in 1964. As for the earth, it communicates his reach beyond the American people and highlights his ability to affect the people from other nations as well. In the bottom panel, the free flowing water transforms into a rapid waterfall, which is a reference to the struggles for social justice, that then becomes part of the calm river bed which conveys, in my optimism, that justice will always prevail. Included in the bottom panel is a justice scale placed in the foreground which is also a monument to the fact that we will always celebrate and honor the memory of the great Dr. Martin Luther King.
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